Simple Elegant Holiday Food and Party Ideas for a Crazy Busy Life

Rosemary and raspberries from the market can elevate a simple cake or appetizer tray for the holidays. When making a similar cake to the photo above, I brushed the rosemary with egg whites and then dipped the springs in sugar and let them dry on a cookie rack before decorating. It made a more winter green look to the herb and the bright red berry color pop. But not necessary for an easy great look, if you need a quick decorating fix.

Love the look and simplicity of these treats. A no cook Oreo mini crust to add whatever your heart desires. Just crush and press double stuffed Oreo cookies into a muffin pan. Directions and chocolate mousse  a store bought favorite of the blogger found on

A few girlfriends over to exchange gifts? Keep it simple and fun with a cheese board, a few antipasto choices, champagne, wine, maybe chocolate truffles in a large martini glass for height and don't forget your favorite holiday music.



In a hurry? Grab a mini bundt pan, a simple favorite cake or cake mix recipe, add a powdered sugar glaze recipe you prefer or these will freeze for you beautifully well before your party. Add cranberry decorations and you have a holiday beauty! thesepeasarehollow.blogspot has recipes for gingerbread mini bundt cakes with cinnamon glaze and mini bundt cakes with Lime glaze.

Holiday cookie designs, brilliant simplicity from Sweden.

Simple and healthy party elegance for your guests, young or old, consider adding your favorite berries and herbs to water or sparkling water. See for recipes and directions.

Another quick way to decorate a cake, or pie, especially stunning on chocolate, varied fresh berries piled then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Pretty!

Freeze berries on decorative skewers in Tupperware so it is dress up for your drinks at party time. 

 elizabeth anne

elizabeth anne

One or two marshmallows on a decorative skewer dipped in melted white chocolate with added white nonpareils while chocolate is still wet then harden in your fridge and you have a quick elegant party treat. Cherries dipped in white chocolate with nonpareils while being held by their stem and then chilled till dry also a fabulous holiday party treat.



This one takes some time and planing but I had to add this because it is just such a great party idea I want to do. Use Wilton gingerbread houses or make your own, you would however need to pipe the edges of your houses with royal icing and dry at least two days ahead. When party night arrives place decorations in small bowls with more royal icing on hand, drinks, gift exchange, music, pot luck meal, appetizers or just a simple dessert bar and you have a fun and memorable holiday night with friends! 




                                    Time saving, party and food ideas helping to make time for what matters.