Spring 2013 195.jpg
 Three layers of marble cake for this one year old's under the sea birthday celebration
14- 1500.jpg
 White chocolate elephant topper with a small chevron designed shower cake
 Fondant buttons and ribbons decorate this buttercream baby boy shower cake
 Buttercream ruffle design for a small restaurant baby shower thrown by best friends
 Blue and pink for the "baby sex is a secret," shower celebration
 How to make this fondant bow is on my blog, find it by clicking DIY
  Hand painted food color flowers on fondant, for pretty mom to be cake 
 Fondant monkey, bananas, flowers and palm branches top a buttercream cake
 Thomas with the two candles as part of the train cake design, for a second birthday
 Duck topper made of rice krispie treats, buttercream cake and fondant bubbles for baby
 A popular theme for a young birthday party cake, the Cookie Monster or Elmo
 Small tools of fondant made for small hands with the wood look cake for Christopher
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